Friday, October 23, 2009

Artwork "Where there is smoke.."

"Where there is smoke..."
Acrylic on canvas

This painting started because people would always say to me 'why dont you do landscapes?'

Not only do i find that soooo frustrating.. but i actually know that some people can do the most fantastic landscapes and thats just not my thing... i'll leave it to those who do it so well!

But in response to that i thought i might have a jibe at them and this is it "my kind of landscape"... in the quirky sense of course. plus i have this thing about matchsticks at the moment and it gave me another oppotunity to use that image to my advantage!

Funny thing though is at first i thought .. well everyone knows what a match looks like and what happens when they are burnt. But for this project i thought i might actually do the right thing and play with matches to see. Boy was i surprised at what those little buggars do to their shape once burnt! I loved it! boxes of redheads everywhere and i think the husband thought i was turning pyro!!
all in the name of art research honey...

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