Monday, October 26, 2009

Paddock Sculptures

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1. Birds in Paradise...Kara Otoole
2. Fencepost Sentries... By Cherie Strong
3-5. Marbles... By Cherie Strong
6. Matches... By Cherie Strong
7. Weather Station.... Rob and Linda Weston
8. Gereldine Giraffe .... Sheree Wells
9. Pig and Cow... Mark Prosser
10. Pollux and Castor... Max Gordon
11. The Wave... Kara Otoole
12. Trinity.. Kara Otoole

Big plans for next years paddock sculpture competition, run by Boonah Arts Collective at the annual SPAR arts festival.... this has to be my all time favourite event... find a paddock and plonk sculpture in... fill the countryside up with art and grab a map and drive around to be amazed at everyones creativity... this event is slowly getting a following too, this year a bus tour! I have entered the last few years, and really enjoyed it, this year I coordinatored the event so i wasnt able to enter... loved doing it ... but keen to let someone else take the reins next year so i can be a sculpter again next year! Kara Otoole went wild this year and single handedly made most of the sculptures... amazing... so we have agreed to collaberate next year and totally amaze the region and make as many as possible... we will work with the local schools, doing workshops so that there is a high youth participation next year. The ones we are attempting will be as big as possible sourcing materials from local businesses and trying to utilise some of the "waste" that local businesses might otherwise throw away....above are some of the examples of past sculptures, all made with recycled materials, and by locals.... man - we have an amazing town!... Watch this space....

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